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6 head
6 air bearing drilling spindles running at max 200krpm
X,Y,Z axis on high dynamic linear motors
Accelerations: X,Y Axes 85m/min – Z axis 50 m/min
X,Y,Z Axis on high resolution linear guides
High resolution linear scales (0,001mm – 0.00003937″) axes positioning
Contact Sensing Broken bit detection
6 laser stations for tool height, diameter and dynamic run-out check
Automatic tool change with 6×350 using 50 position JTC cassette positioned on the front machine table ( cassette on request)
Tooling plated each with high precision slot clamping system: Pin diam 3-5 mm (soft plugs on customer specification on request)
Position feedback: 0.001 mm (0.00003937”) linear scale resolution for X, Y, Z
Repeatability accuracy: 0,0025 mm (0,0001″)
Working area 570 x 700 mm (22.40″ x 27.5″)
Power requirements: 3PH-AC380v 50/60 hz 20Kva
Air requirement 7-8 bar
1 cooling unit for spindles and linear motors (CFC reduced)
1 emergency Air tank for air bearing protection
Automatic door opening
Noise <85dBA
Dimension (LxWxH): 4680x2000x1690mm ( 184x79x67″)
Weight: 15600 kg – 34400 pounds
Manual and technical documentation in English
CNC Control:
Sieb & Meyer CNC 84.00
Stable anti-interference optical fiber technology
User friendly operating interface and graphical simulation function
Digital drive technology
15” LCD colour monitor
OS Windows®
Keyboard, mouse
Ethernet interface, USB port for program I/O
Total compatibility with Sieb&Meyer and Excellon programming languages.