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Pluritec® originally founded in 1968 has a long and successful history in the Printed Circuits Boards industry.

Thanks to the long experience, professional skills and in-depth knowledge of the market the company develops, designs and manufactures equipment for the Printed Circuit Board fabrication.

Headquarter is in Burolo (Turin – Italy) where the main offices and the assembly lines are located.

Our sales and service organisation formed by experienced and dedicated senior engineers’ grants global and timely support worldwide.

With more then 2,000 systems installed world wide we like to be considered a global supplier for our customers.
Sales to foreign countries are over 90% of total.

We have geographical diversified markets with sales almost equally distributed in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, North America, India, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia to mention the most significant markets.

We take sales and support seriously and serve our customer with a global network formed by experienced engineers.

Mixing tradition with innovation the company mission remains the same since 40 years: Customer Satisfaction.
Designing and building state of the art and lasting equipment for the printed circuits board industry it’s our passion.
Innovation technology and global quality are our drivers.
We are ISO9001 – Vision certified. We try hard to do better every day

In the continue effort to meet our customers demand we work to offer customised configurations and tailor-made machines designed to customer specifications to satisfy different types of production requirements.

During the years the company developed a specific know how in the camera vision recognition and x-ray applications that combined to the experience in micro drilling technology allows to develop extremely advanced drilling and routing applications.

1968 – First drilling machines for printed circuit boards

1985 – “Multistation” single spindle modules machines

1990 – Single Spindle driller with camera registration capability

1995 – 8 heads drilling system introduced to the market

1994 – First x-ray tooling holes optimizer for multi layers board 

2008 – Combo system with ONE STEP technology, driller with real time x-ray alignment to panel/image

2001 – IS International Supplies wet processing machines acquisition

2012 – X-Measure, automatic Inspection and coordinate measuring machine

2013 – Inspecta S1, dedicated high productivity x-ray optimizer

2015 – New single spindle model “EVO”

2016 – New Shearing Bevelling machine

2016 – New one station double spindle EVO2S

2017 – New dedicated “in line” marking station for panel serialization

2017 – New “in line” automation and buffer for Inspecta optimiser

2017 – OCL wet processing equipment integration in IS division

2018 – New x-ray unit for 120″ (3000 mm) long panels processing

2018 – New Golden XXL 2 heads drilling and routing 110″x50″ (2800 x 1280 mm) working area with vacuum table