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Combo L

INSPECTA COMBO is the all in one solution for high tech application.

4 machines in 1 system.
Capable of outer layers and inner layers X-Ray tooling holes optimization, micro-drilling, precise-routing with or without x-ray local target detection, and coordinates measuring it’s all you need to meet the most critical tolerances and solve your registration problems.
The highest accuracy and stability in combination to maximum versatility and flexibility plus a large working area, make COMBO a state of the art machine in the high-end multilayer products markets.
The patented “One Step X-Ray drilling & Routing” function will perform local images targets detection deformation compensation (linear and non-linear rotation) and direct drilling or routing your job with the best possible anullar ring.

  • A toolkit for your most complex multilayers boards
  • Drilling, routing, x-ray optimizer (outer-layers and inner-layers), coordinates measures and final quality check
  • Real time drilling assisted by x-ray targets detection
  • Heavy and stable machine body designed for maximum accuracy and productivity
  • 1 head, 1 spindle, 1 camera, 1 x-ray
  • All axes are driven by a linear motor for speed and accuracy.
  • Table with a gantry system and individual linear scales for maximum accuracy
  • X-Ray friendly special table with vacuum chuck for panel locking and plugs for drilling/routing applications
  • High-speed drilling spindles from 200k up to 250k rpm for micro drilling.
  • High torque routing spindles from 5k to 125K rpm for heavy duty routing to precision routing.
  • Depth control drilling and routing using contact surface sensing, linear scale, and mapping.
  • High-resolution x-ray camera
  • Microfocus x-ray source
  • Large working area 800x800mm (31.50x31x50″) or 985x810mm (38.00×32.00″)
  • Large inspection area 800x690mm (31.5″x27.20″)
  • Additional HD CCD Camera with RGB lighting registration solutions for flip drilling, back drilling and sequential build up applications.
  • Automatic tool change with high capacity tool holder up to with 1386 positions operated independently from the machine
  • Powerful IPC CNC Windows OS with full and easy to use user interface
  • Complete Statistical Package analysis, graphics, reports
  • Joystick with software tools for manual camera operation
  • Outer-layer and inner-layer QC-QR code reader
  • Panel marking/serialization
  • Automatic bush change for micro-drilling
  • Floating pressure feet for pinless routing
  • Automatic insert change for micro routing application
  • Automatic loading-unloading system and factory automation system available
  • Factory 4.0 / M.E.S. ready