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The most advanced x-ray tooling holes optimization machine

INSPECTA is the most advanced outer layers and inner layers X-Ray tooling holes optimizer.
Using the sophisticated X-Ray system detects panel’s inner layers targets and compute deformation compensation (linear, non-linear rotation, offset and scaling) drilling optimized tooling and reference holes.
There is no limitation in the number of holes, diameter, and positions.
Multiple inspections with dedicated targets per each image are also possible.
Maximum versatility and flexibility that, in combination to a large working area, make a state of the art machine for high-end multilayer products.
Our system has everything you need to meet the most critical tolerances and solve your registration problems.

  • Designed for maximum accuracy and productivity
  • 1 head, 1 spindle, 1 camera, 1 x-ray
  • Heavy and stable machine body
  • All axes are driven by linear motors for speed and accuracy.
  • Table with gantry system and individual linear scales for maximum accuracy
  • High-resolution camera
  • Microfocus x-ray
  • Large working area 1220x830mm (48.00×32.50″) – Optional 1220x950mm (48.00×37.40″)
  • Large vision area 800x690mm (31.50×27.5″) – Optional 800x950mm (31.50×37.40″)
  • Air bearing spindles from 80K to 200K rpm
  • Automatic tool change
  • No limitation in holes quantity, position, and diameter
  • Designed for maximum accuracy and productivity
  • Advanced inspection features
  • Panel marking / Serialization
  • Inner and outer layers code reading
  • Complete statistical package includes statistical analysis, graphics, reports
  • Automatic unloading and factory automation system available
  • Factory 4.0 / M.E.S. ready