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X-Ray coordinate measuring machine (CMM) for multilayer panels equipped with all the features to fulfill your multilayer measurement requirements. A complete set of measurement and reporting tools dedicated to multilayers coming from the experience in MLB optimization is available.

Measuring distances, between pads, tracks, holes, pad to hole and other internal reference and quantify offset skew, stretch, shrink, and other distortions are no longer a problem. X-Measure is also very useful after the drilling process to check registration problems such as misalignment between the internal layers, drilled holes and the annular ring. Thin and thick panels can be processed thanks to the ability to easily change via software the X-ray power and the CCD Camera parameters. X-Measure can be used in both automatic and manual mode with the support of a simple joystick making your measurements job easy. Programs can be downloaded from your cad system or created by the user with simple programming steps.

The output data, immediately available on screen is stored in a friendly “mbd” database that allows a wide range of statistics to help you to quantify the offset, the scaling factor, the skew and the distortion of each internal layer to control and correct your multilayer / build-up fabrication process.
X-Measure database is compatible with the Inspecta X-Ray optimizer to easily compare and exchange data between the two units.

  • Designed for maximum accuracy and productivity
  • Heavy and stable machine body
  • All axes are driven by linear motors for speed and accuracy.
  • Table with gantry system and individual linear scales for maximum accuracy
  • Dedicated multi zone vacuum table
  • Joystick for manual mode
  • High-resolution camera
  • Microfocus x-ray
  • Large vision area 800x690mm (31.50×27.5″) – Optional 800x950mm (31.50×37.40″)
  • Advanced inspection features
  • Panel marking / Serialization
  • Inner and outer layers code reading
  • Complete statistical package includes statistical analysis, graphics, reports
  • Automatic loading-unloading and factory automation system available
  • Factory 4.0 / M.E.S. ready